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AXIS Partners is a small boutique firm that specializes in data sciences and process engineering. We work at the intersection of expansive, strategic vision and focused, tactical execution. Each axis of intersection introduces new dimensions of breadth and depth, and creates a fulcrum point to maximize impact and minimize effort.

By simultaneously exploring the process and data dimensions, we are able to give form to new thoughts, ideas and innovation, and in turn, help you focus energies for exponential gain.

If you’re tired of following the pack…and of settling for the status quo, then you understand the power that comes from pushing past comforts zones and looking beyond what’s known. You recognize that possibilities arise when we are open to new and innovative ways of thinking.

Let us help you explore innovation…replace paradigms…find possibilities.  Let us help you see more than meets the eye…
…let us help you be more!


Dynamic and innovative

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the partners

Vida Williams

Founder and Managing Partner –
After twenty years in the industry, Vida has a creative passion for cutting edge and disruptive innovation.  She believes all tomorrow’s big ideas are sourced in today’s seemingly mundane tasks. Furthermore, she is a proponent of understanding information. Deciphering data is like being able to read tea leaves—all data elements in proper correlative context indicate a future state.

Beth Lewis

Senior Partner –

For over 30 years, Beth has been delivering on success by perfecting the art of blending strategic vision with just the right amount of process and data. She is a self-professed process enthusiast, and constantly seeks the Win-Win (W2) of “process efficiency and effectiveness” and “customer delight”. Combine all that with the science of behavior and plain-old people skills, and the possibilities are endless.

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Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners –

Our Supporting Partners include colleagues and educators with a wide range of skills and expertise, fostered from real life experiences and representing a broad range of operational disciplines to compliment any need.

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If you are interested in partner opportunities, please reach out – we love meeting and working with new, smart people!