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There is a plethora of data, somewhat compiled and made freely available on the web. A large chunk of this data is civic data: education, social welfare, demographic and the like. This data can be assembled into open source products that can help states, cities, municipalities, nonprofit organizations and citizens make decisions that will positively
The V’s of Data and How They Tie to Process There are five attributes typically associated with data – Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value and Veracity. Each relates to important considerations for the collection and use of data, and as data scientists, the use of data is paramount!  These same five attributes can be used to
Do the basic tenets that drive process improvement fit education? Processes have some basic components – they have steps; there are inputs and outputs; there are certain requirements we have for the inputs to a process; the outputs are produced for a customer (even if you are your own customer); customers have expectations for the

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