Beth Lewis

Beth Lewis

I’m Beth Lewis, and for over 30 years, I’ve been delivering on success by perfecting the art of blending strategic vision with just the right amount of process and data. I am a self-professed process enthusiast, and constantly seek the win—win of “process efficiency and effectiveness” and “customer delight”. Combine all that with the science of behavior and plain-old people skills, and the possibilities are endless!

In 2013, I became one of the founding “Axis Partners”. But for more than 30 years, I have been helping my customers do more with less, capture and utilize information for advantage, and realize potential – even when that potential wasn’t evident.

In the midst of those 30+ years, I had an epiphany moment…I came to fully recognize and understand the power of processes! I began to look at everything through a process lens – and quickly learned processes are the ultimate tool when you love a Win-Win (W2). And I DO love a W2!

The other thing I quickly learned was, it doesn’t matter what industry or sector you apply process methodologies in, because “process”, like data, is a universal language. So, while my expertise lies in Healthcare and Insurance, I have seen the tools and concepts of process engineering and improvement adapted for various businesses, sectors and industries, including rapid cycle improvement in the education sector.

I work with teams at all levels, first to gain awareness, but then once I have a better understanding of the actionable opportunity, to find new ways to optimize and create win-win impact for the organization. By incorporating and evaluating every facet of the process, I have helped companies of all sizes advance and improve the delivery of their products and services to their customers. That means I don’t just focus on the steps and the inputs and outputs. I also consider the people and the customers – both internal and external – the systems and the data. By using that holistic approach, I have seen one typical byproduct – enablement through productive insight!

My best days are those when I’m working with a customer and I get to see the lightbulb go off – that point in time when they see how all the parts fit together and how we can optimize the fit of those parts to achieve a breakthrough for their organization. Sometimes, we are so close to our own work and the people we work with, we miss the ah-ha’s. I thrive on enabling the ah-ha moments for individuals, teams and organizations.

I love spending time with my family, vacationing at the beach, reading, cooking and gardening. And I’ll try just about any project, from electric and plumbing, to painting, tile work and basic carpentry! I think that project work is why I fit so well with Habitat for Humanity!

So contact me today – let’s see what kind of W2 is in your future!