Vida Williams

Vida Williams

After twenty years in the industry, Vida has a creative passion for cutting edge and disruptive innovation. She believes all tomorrow’s big ideas are sourced in today’s seemingly mundane tasks. Furthermore, she is a proponent of understanding information. Deciphering data is like being able to read tea leaves—all data elements in proper correlative context indicate a future state.

Vida C. Williams is the founder and CEO of Axis Partners, Inc., a premier data sciences firm. Vida established Axis Partners, Inc. in 2013 to help business understand and leverage better the flow of its information.

Vida’s intrigue is teasing out the answers to logic problems posed by unarticulated data.  Her mission is to help businesses innovate their products and services based on direct input from the product and service performance-data.  She has a talent for translating the complicated language of data elements and architecture into easily applied  concepts. She teaches business owners how to cut through all the static to focus  on inputs, outputs and important correlations. And, for owners who don’t have the time or skill sets in office to do it for themselves, Vida provides support.

Vida is ever the avid student of technology, innovation and communication with data concepts as her focus.  She has assembled a remarkable team of data and process engineers to help all her client’s data and process engineering needs.  Additionally, she sponsors data driven innovation with small independent teams that have yielded remarkably insightful points of view into common issues, such as workforce projection.

Vida’s clients include small to mid-size businesses and institutions. She has worked with clients in many different states in the United States as well as in Europe and Africa. Born and raised on the East Coast of the US, Vida  has settled centrally located in Richmond VA with her three sons.  She is active in  her community as a basketball and track and field coach, as well as belonging to several non-profit organizations.  In her time off she loves to convert her home to a leading edge sustainable urban dwelling.

Email Vida now to get clarity on your products, your services, your business, not just for today, but for tomorrow.