Initial Assessment Interview Application
ProGro Consulting, a corporate consulting firm that focuses on the social and psychological fitness of its clients and their teams, was looking to increase staff as a means of increasing capacity. AXIS spent some time talking with ProGro about their goals and challenges. What wasn’t obvious, but came out in those initial conversations, was an additional desire by the owner of ProGro to build a legacy of continued support and growth.

The AXIS solution? An online, automated interview questionnaire and initial assessment algorithm that not only increased ProGro’s engagement ROI and extended their existing resource capacity, but that helped them create a product to ensure the legacy of their unique value proposition.

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Increasing FAFSA Completion
Bridging Richmond, a regional partnership anchored by Virginia Commonwealth University and supported by regional institutions in the education, business, non-profit, government, and philanthropic sectors, works to ensure every person in the Richmond region has a chance to thrive in school, work, and life. AXIS met and got involved with Bridging Richmond as they kicked off an effort to Increase FAFSA Completion rates in the region through Rapid Cycle Change. They needed help advancing process improvement concepts and tools into participating schools.

The AXIS solution? Provide a process expert to work with schools and teams on the FAFSA project, helping them better understand how process improvement can be overlaid on the education sector. In addition to engagement and how-to support, we developed training videos to advance knowledge of the methodology and tools, enabling Bridging Richmond to continue delivering on their mission and priorities, even when AXIS’ engagement ends.

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